1) (the collection of rules according to which people live or a country etc is governed: Such an action is against the law; law and order.) lov
2) (any one of such rules: A new law has been passed by Parliament.) lov
3) ((in science) a rule that says that under certain conditions certain things always happen: the law of gravity.) lov
- lawfully
- lawless
- lawlessly
- lawlessness
- lawyer
- law-abiding
- law court
- lawsuit
- be a law unto oneself
- the law
- the law of the land
- lay down the law
subst. \/lɔː\/
1) lov, regel
those are the laws of England
2) lovverk, lovsamling, reglement, rett, jus
3) rettsvesen, rettsinstans
4) (skolefag) jus, rettsvitenskap, rettslære
she was a law student
hun studerte jus
5) prosess, sak
6) forsprang, pusterom
7) (naturvitenskap) lov, naturlov
according to the law etter loven, ifølge loven
be a law unto oneself være egenrådig, gå sine egne veier, skrive sine egne lover
at\/in law i henhold til loven
be at law ligge i prosess, føre sak
become law eller pass into law bli lov
beyond the law utenfor lovens rekkevidde
bound in law to rettslig forpliktet til
by law etter loven, ifølge loven
enter the law eller go in for the law lese jus, bli jurist
equality before the law likhet for loven
follow the law være jurist
go beyond the law bryte loven, overtre loven
go to law gå rettens vei, reise sak, gå til sak
they went to law against the state
have the law on somebody (hverdagslig) anmelde noen til politiet
in law juridisk sett, i lovens øyne, ifølge loven
the Law eller the Law of Moses (bibelsk) Moseloven
the law juristyrket (hverdagslig) loven, politiet
law and justice lov og rett
law and order lov og orden, lov og rett
the law final(s) forklaring: siste avdeling av den juridiske embetseksamen
the law had its way loven gikk sin gang
the law is with someone ha loven på sin side
the law of the jungle jungelens lov, loven om den sterkestes rett
lay down the law (overført) dosere\/tale med store ord uttale seg firkantet gi klar beskjed
the long arm of the law lovens lange arm
make laws stifte lover
protected by law lovbeskyttet
sumptuary law lov som begrenser luksus
take someone to law reise sak mot noen
take the law into one's own hands ta loven i egne hender
there is no law det står ikke skrevet noe sted, det er ikke selvsagt
there is no law that he should get that job
det står ikke skrevet noe sted at han bør få den jobben
there is no law against it (hverdagslig) det er da lov, det er da ingen lov som forbyr det
within the law innenfor loven(s grenser)
without the form of law uten lov og dom

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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